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Dormitory Rooms for Both Genders

Per night fee 3,000yen〜

Dormitory Rooms for Females only

Per night fee 3,000yen〜


■ Check In & Check Out
Check In: 13:00pm - 21:00pm
Check Out: 11:00am
You can not use facilities before Check In or after Check Out.
■ Clerk Services
We are able to keep your luggages during the service hours (13:00 to 24:00)
Please ask our service staffs for further informations.
■ Reception and Postage of Luggages
Reception: Has to meet the restriction below due to space and resource

1. Size Under :
2. Consider anything valuable, Food, Arms, Fragile will not be allowed.
3. Must write your name and check in date outside where we ca see.
4. We do not accept payment on arrival (parcels).

Postage (from TSURUYA): Has to meet the restriction below due to space, resource and law.

1. All costs must be payed at our counter.
2. Do not accept credit cards for shipments
3. You can not choose company of shipments.
■ About curfew
You are able to open specific doors by the code number given at your check in. And if you do so, please be very careful for the noise you make. We do not want to wake anybody at night unless an emergency.


Annex Building

2 Showers 2 Wash Stands 2 Toilets